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Pest Exclusion Services

What is Pest exclusion

Integrated Pest Control, or IPM, is a system of managing pests in order to minimize the use of pesticides. An IPM program is an important part of modern-day pest control that utilizes the pest’s natural habits and biology against them by sealing those travel corridors and pest entry points off as well as making more targeted applications of products designed for specific pest biologies are becoming more popular these days.

How it works

Pest exclusion is the key to pest control. It starts with sealing off all possible ways of pest entrance into structures such as our homes, offices, restaurants, schools and hospitals. This can include improperly sealed or damaged foundation vents, door sweeps, gaps around plumbing pipes & electrical wiring, foundation cracks and drainpipes. Of course, some areas of the building must stay open for air circulation; however, pests can easily enter through any needless open entry points. Using a pest control service like ours can help you keep your home free from unwanted insects!

What's Included

Moses Gaitan Pest Control provides the most effective exclusion services available. Our team of professionals can locate and deal with your pest problems by eliminating entry points for pests into your home or business. With our combination of industry-leading products and custom constructed solutions, we’ll keep them out for good.

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